Black History Month 2020 - London Sport 

Each weekday in Black History Month a different member of the London Sport team will be sharing the story of their black hero from sport, from the elite all the way to the grassroots.

Valerian Spicer, by Bevis Allen - Boxing Development Officer

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TheSpicer Method - Super-A Journal

by Wayne Leal | 24th Sep 2020

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The Litegait

Here's Mikey using Claire to practise his left hook on!

We were delighted to learn that one of our Spicer Method classmates has applied her learning in physiotherapy with her clients. What a champion! 

Mikey uses the LiteGait to stabilise, whilst boxing to work his arms, core muscles, balance & co-ordination. Mikey really enjoys his boxing!

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VALERIAN - The Importance Of Family

Valerian Spicer only began boxing at the age of thirty. Fast forward nine years to a holder of ninth place in the world in the female boxing category as a Commonwealth Games competitor. Yet she is no stranger to failure or success. Above all this, family is the core to all of these achievements.

Director: Ilan Lampl
DoP: Jacob Hamilton
Sound Recordist: Patrick Revell
Producer: Grace Evans
Editor: Mounir Derbal


VALERIAN - Music Video Appearance

In 2016 Valerian Spicer starred in her first Music Video.
Sudden Exit - I'm Not A Girl (Official Video)

Directed By Tahir PALALI
Assistant Camera: Sara PANTOLI
Post Production: Tahir PALALI
Special thanks to Valerian SPICER, Broad Street Boxing Centre and The Finsbury Pub.
Band Management : Ceyhun Can Guner 0044(0)7961819071

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